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wrecker75th said: Best thing in the world is too skype a lovely girl such as yourself babe. :D

Awwwww your the best

Anonymous said: Are you talking too anyone, orrr happily single???

I’m both…. Im happily single however I do like someone….,

Anonymous said: Lol how much have you eaten today ;)

Not that much surprisingly that’s why I’m hungry!!!!

Anonymous said: Do you think you could get to 500lbs ???

With the way I eat…. Hell yes

Anonymous said: you post some epic selfies... I WISH you'd post a selfie facial pic :) or maybe a some other type of illicit selfie?? Would just die! Ty!

Lol thanks and maybe one day I’ll will!!

Well this just made me scream

Well this just made me scream

Fanboy Bolin

"No. Way…the Avatar!"

"Ooh my gosh…it’s Lord Zuko! I can’t believe it!"

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Will be taking photo request all night !!!