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Anonymous said: Says who? Dr McCurveLover that's who! ;)

Except your anon !!!

Anonymous said: Get fatter ;)

Lol says who !!!

Anonymous said: Your booty and thighs look absolutely amazing in the Wayne's world pics you took a while back ;)

Awwww thanks anon !!!!

Anonymous said: All time fav food? :)

Chinese food or chicken pot pie


I need to live here.

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Anonymous said: I don't have tumblr so can't :(


Anonymous said: Lol I wanna see one asap ;)

Come out of anon

Anonymous said: Post a sexy smoking pic please ;)

Lol maybe one day

Anonymous said: How can I find you on facebook?

Well my fb is for friends and family own

Anonymous said: Do you smoke cigarette's?

On occasion when I drink really

Anonymous said: Do you use Facebook at all?

I do I love fb


Straight boys be sexting like

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Animals that are patiently awesome.

theactualblackpearl naturgeist

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